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Meet the Artist

Rebecca Brouwer

I grew up on a farm in the midwest and probably the best summary would be to have you recall Fern, from “Charlotte’s Web”. Minus the magical sidekick spider, I was the Fern of the farm, nurturing the weak or orphan piglets, lambs and calves.

Fast forward to the present. My husband Dennis and I now own a small farm in Loudoun County Virginia.  Still no magical spiders, just sheep and horses. The horses are Fell Ponies and the sheep are Gotland. I guess you could say they are both magical in their own way. I don’t think they have ever written anything though!

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Meet Our Gotland Sheep

I chose the Gotland sheep breed for a number of reasons. Top on the list is their wool and equally as important is their disposition. The child “Fern” in me likes the fact that they are very sweet animals and the adult fiber artist in me is in love with their lovely locks of wool. They vary in color from a beautiful  light steel-blue gray to charcoal. All the lambs are born black and over time will lighten to their own unique version of gray. More information on this fascinating breed is available at the (American Gotland Sheep Society. )



Other Images from Shepherds Corner Farm